Bothwell, Prisoner of Malmö

Bothwell, Prisoner of Malmö

1569. A cell in Malmöhus. Its occupant is James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell. With the aid of Ylva, the jailer’s daughter, Bothwell tells the story of his life, his love of Scotland and of Mary Queen of Scots. It is a tale of power, intrigue and avarice. Front Row Theatre is proud to present new writing and a world premier run this August! Is coming to Ystad.

Here we finally get to know the tale of James Hepburn, Malmöhus’s most famous prisoner. Entertaining, and at times hard to believe, his story of battles, manipulation, prisons and Queens has been dusted off and brought to life by author Torquil MacLeod (The Malmö Mysteries), writer Susan MacLeod, and Front Row Theatre founder, writer and dramatist Fraser James MacLeod, in this exciting play.

Front Row Theatre, exists to bring high end performance art, in English, to southern Sweden, in both public and educational environments. We like to bring talented people together to create great theatre!

We understand the importance of a dynamic and visually intriguing performance. Use of the full depth and breadth of an acting area is central to our visual philosophy, creating visceral experience to complement dialogue in a second language setting.

Director – Richard Pates
Actors – Fraser James MacLeod & Rebecca Tenor
Producer – Jared Middle Calf
Costume – Fredrika Lilius
Scenography – Phil Savage
Script: Torquil MacLeod, Susan MacLeod, Fraser MacLeod

  • Ålder
  • 15-100 år
  • Biografteatern Scala, Ystad
  • Stora Östergatan 12
  • 27134
  • Ystad
  • Boka här
  • Vuxen: 250 kr
  • Barn (under 18): 150 kr
  • Student: 150 kr
  • 8 augusti 2022, 19:00 - 21:00